Why “Beyond the likes”?

After participating in some social networks exposing my views on life and death, I finally decided to go to the place where for many it all started: the blog.

I thought it was appropriate to try to contribute, making public some of my thoughts and findings because of my work as a consultant in Central America for many years, beyond the space of social networks with their "thumbs up", "likes" " emoticons "and hearts..

In this blog I share thoughts, advice, criteria, studies that I could not accommodate in the spaces in social networks and also, I wanted my thoughts could be reviewed by whoever wanted more calmly, beyond a "like" a "heart in a tweet. "

Some of the comments are controversial. They are not "cured", "fixed" or improved to try to reach positive comments or reactions. Hence the name of this blog that also makes a direct reference to the dynamics of the wonderful social networks, in the context of what I have learned in my professional work at CLC Comunicación, in which we mainly dedicate ourselves to build strategies that add value to develop, strengthen and protect the reputation of our clients as well as improve their capacity for endurance, growth and incidence.

 In that professional exercise, for many years, we reacted very negatively to the pretense to measure the performance of a communication effort only by publications in the media, or by "likes" on Facebook or "Positive Tweets". We have proposed a turn towards the search for the efficiency of conversational content, the ability to mobilize and build value relationships with the real stakeholders of a company or organization and the way in which this improves the performance of our clients in their markets.

I have no doubt: There is life “beyond the likes” and it begins now.